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Aquafame Water Technologies are backed with in house research laboratory that is well equipped with modern water filter testing facilities. With the tests performed in the lab, we become more confident about the quality of water deliver to the customers based in different regions of India, Punjab.

We ensure best quality in every aspect of our product. We have set highest & most stringent parameter for all our products to ensure that we serve our customer in best possible manner always. Compromising with the quality of water these days is simply unfair. We understand the value of pure water and that is why our team has come up with the best and affordable water purification services. We are into this industry from a long time and believe in offering comprehensive yet trusted service to our clients.

Our Team

Our team is reliable and experienced in this field and can resolve all the issues associated with water purifying problems. Be it the installation, cleaning or purchasing a new system, you can rely on our services that focuses on variety of reverse osmosis systems.

Quality Assurance

Beginning right from the assembling of water purifier to the installation of the final products in the market, every stage of production is rigorously inspected by our experts of quality control. We are committed to providing you with what we feel is the very best water for the best price. We are proud of our small line of products, carefully chosen for value.